Ametek introduces Model TDLAS 5100 HD

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Process Oxygen Monitoring in Vapor Recovery, Flares and Condensing Process Streams

Monitoring oxygen in nitrogen sparged process vessel headspace is a critical application that demands an analyzer with a near 100% availability because of the plant safety considerations. The built-in verification feature of the AMETEK TDLAS minimizes the frequency of zero and span gas validations. The AMETEK 5100HD TDLAS Analyzer provides best of class connectivity with current loop, Modbus and Ethernet communications. The fast response, elimination of sample conditioning, immunity to interference from moisture, H2S, and VOCís make the laser based AMETEK model 5100HD TDLAS a superior and dependable choice.

For more information, contact Norsk Analyse AS, read the TDLAS Application Note or see Ametekīs product pages.