ASTM D86 Compliant Analyzer DPA-4

The BARTEC BENKE Distillation Process Analyzer DPA-4 remains the benchmark for physical property analyzers. The DPA-4 is still the only ASTM D86 compliant analyzer available regarding both apparatus and procedure. Refinery operator requirements have had a significant influence on the redesign of the DPA-4.

The result:

Besides the Standard Analysis Method (SAM) which is still fully compliant to the ASTM D86 laboratory method, the new Rapid Analysis Method (RAM) has been implemented. This allows a faster response and reduced cycle times by approx. 40%.

New opportunities:

You can switch between SAM and RAM at any time. To prove the reliability several measuring cycles could be run according to RAM. For validation purposes the SAM could be used for one measuring cycle from time to time.

Your advantages:
  • ASTM D86 compliance (SAM)
  • Excellent accuracy with regard to repeatability and reproducibility for optimal process control
  • New Rapid Analysis Method allows fast measurement cycles at any time
  • Reduced maintenance efforts
  • Available with ATEX, CSA C/US and GOST R certification