New Sulfur Analyzer from AMETEK

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AMETEK Introduces the Model 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer

AMETEK Process Instruments has been the leader in tail gas analysis for over 40 years-with more than 1,100 installed model 880 NSL analyzers and more than 100 million hours of run time. The Model 888, the successor of the 880 NSL uses field-proven and highly reliable UV technology to accurately monitor the H2S and SO2 concentrations in sulfur recovery tail gas. This compact, rugged analyzer mounts directly on the process pipe, eliminating the complexity and safety issues of fiber optic coupled photometers.

The Model 888 is the evolution of a well proven formula. All the best elements of the iconic 880 NSL are still there; Four year lamp life, no shelter required and steam blow back for ammonia salts. Building on this success the Model 888 offers improvements in Reliability, Safety and Ease of Maintenance.

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