Pre-2007 GA2000 and GEM2000 retirement

Contact Chris Andre Torjussen for more information.

This is advance notice that the last service date for Geotech gas analysers manufactured before February 1st 2007 will be March 1st 2013.

This covers GA2000, GEM2000, GA2000 Plus and GEM2000 Plus analysers with serial numbers from GA4999 to GA09149. Analysers manufactured since February 2007 are not affected by this announcement.

This series of analysers was first manufactured 14 years ago and, as you can imagine, changes in technology are happening at a fast pace, which leads to obsolescence and steep rises in costs for maintaining old technology.

For example, the PCBs we use in this range of analysers would now cost a Geotech customer over 500 to replace and we expect this to be higher still in 2012. If a new PCB was required, coupled with standard service costs and part replacements, these costs, to you the customer and Geotech, are increasing rapidly, making these older models uneconomical to maintain and support.

Geotech are continuously looking to improve and offer you the latest technology and important consideration is given to how long we can support our analysers. Our aim is to support products for a minimum of 5 years after the last analyser is manufactured. We have managed to do this on all our GA platform products to date and we are committed to this with any new models.

For support through the transition from your current analyser to your new replacement analyser, please contact us - our email address is or you can call us on +47 33 37 51 00.

To help you identify whether your analyser is affected by this announcement, please check your serial number on the rear label. Pre-Feb 2007 analysers can also be easily identified visually, please see photo and explanation below:-

Rev 0 image
Analysers manufactured before February 2007 do not have a coloured band around the case, as per the analyser on the left in the image. Post-2007 analysers have a coloured band around them, which can be either grey or blue depending on the model, as per the two analysers on the right of the image.